I am currently working on the following topics:

  • Quantifier Raising, type clashes, scope, and the Copy Theory of Movement (see this handout).
  • Split scope, and the question why split scope readings are generally available in Dutch and German and in degree constructions but not in English sentences with no (part of this is joint work with Lisa Bylinina and Rick Nouwen; see this handout for my work and this handout for our joint work).
  • Scope interactions between modified numerals and modals. One of the questions I try to answer is why sentences with existential modals and certain numeral modifiers seem to lack a reading where the modal outscopes the modified numeral (see this handout).
  • Directional numeral modifiers: directional prepositions that can be used to modify numerals, such as up to in English. Specifically, I am looking at how the strength of the bounds set by these expressions contributes to their meaning (see this paper).

Upcoming talks

  • A degree quantifier analysis of split scope readings with negative ‘indefinites’, with Lisa Bylinina and Rick Nouwen, Amsterdam Colloquium, December 2017

Handouts, slides, and posters




I have taught several general linguistics courses in the French department at Utrecht University:

  • 2014: Linguistique Française A (TK1) (teacher, with Janine Berns)
  • 2013: Analyse Linguistique (TK2) (teacher, with Bert Le Bruyn)
  • 2011: Analyse Linguistique (TK2) (TA, for Frank Drijkoningen)