Furahia Dada

In my spare time, I run the organisation Furahia Dada with my mother.

Furahia Dada, Swahili for ‘happy girl’, is an organisation that provides sanitary pads for girls in Korogocho slum in Nairobi, Kenya. My mum and I visited this slum in February 2015. During our visit, we discovered that many girls in the slum miss up to a week of school a month because they do not have pads and have to stay home when they are on their period. This makes their already difficult lives even more challenging. We set up Furahia Dada to address this issue. By providing the girls with pads, Furahia Dada gives these girls the opportunity to attend school full time, which gives them a better chance of going to university and escaping from poverty.

To learn more, you can visit our Facebook page here.